School Photos, or Little Things Mean a Lot

My kid’s school photos came back this week, sort of. We’d ordered a package, as you do, and received what seemed to be… a proof sheet. It was odd, but I added “contact photographer” to my to-do list and moved on to the evening parent grind of dinner/bath/bed.

Before I had a chance to email the photographer, he emailed me. To apologize. And explain: The glare on my kid’s glasses was so bad he decided not to print the photos because he knew we’d be unhappy with them. He’d meant to contact me about this before the photos were sent home, and that’s what he was apologizing for. Not being fast enough. He also wanted to make sure we signed up for retake day so we end up with photos we’re happy with.

And that, my friends, is how you build customer loyalty: bit by bit, email by email. Because guess who’s at the top of my list if I need a headshot, or finally get around to scheduling a new family portrait? This guy.

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