Boss Biscuits: Great Idea or Not Quite?

I came across this display early one morning at my local grocery store, and it took me a minute to realize what I was looking at. And now I have some thoughts, naturally.

  1. Rebecca would never set foot in public with hair that basic*.
  2. The timing is curious — the show is between seasons and we’re in the run-up to Thanksgiving. Oh hang on, maybe that’s actually genius timing because showing up to Thanksgiving with a box of these is cooler than showing up with a pie…
  3. I admire the chutzpah of skating right up to the line of naming the show. Reminds me of my days working on Super Bowl beer pieces and having to say “the big game.”
  4. If they’re not made by Ted Lasso himself, I don’t want them.
  5. Biscuits made and delivered by Jason Sudeikis would also be acceptable.

It’s a fun effort; I’m curious to know how it goes for the brand.

*Bonus points to anyone who can explain exactly when and how “basic” became an insult.

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